“They Know the Truth of It” Rep. Madeleine Dean Criticizes Republicans for Undermining Faith in Institutions

 “They Know the Truth of It” Rep. Madeleine Dean Criticizes Republicans for Undermining Faith in Institutions

Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call Inc. via Getty Images file

Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) delivered a passionate critique on live television Monday, targeting House Judiciary Committee Republicans for eroding American trust in political institutions to support former President Donald Trump, whom she described as an “irrational child of a man.”

Dean’s comments highlight a deep partisan divide over the role and integrity of the nation’s law enforcement agencies, particularly the FBI and the Department of Justice. Speaking about the behavior of her Republican colleagues during committee hearings, Dean expressed dismay at their approach: “They have spent most hearings and most mark-ups tearing down our faith in our institutions,” she stated emphatically, told MSN.

This, she argued, has contributed significantly to a growing public distrust in essential governmental bodies. Dean recalled instances when FBI or DOJ officials were called to testify before the committee, only to face harsh scrutiny from figures such as Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) and former member Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA). According to Dean, these officials would then publicly lament the declining public trust in these institutions, without acknowledging their role in fostering this skepticism.

“They’re a part of the problem. They are complicit alongside the least patriotic president we will ever see,” Dean accused. Her remarks were bolstered by a parable shared by Protect Democracy director Ian Bassin, which illustrated the folly of ignoring help when it is offered. Bassin’s story of a preacher who ignored repeated rescues during a flood served as an allegory for the Republican Party’s current situation, suggesting they have ignored multiple opportunities to distance themselves from Trump and the divisive politics he represents.

Dean argued that the current political climate places Trump above all else, as evidenced by the Republican response to his recent criminal conviction. She questioned the consistency of their outrage, pondering whether they would also decry the trial of Hunter Biden as a “travesty of justice.”

Highlighting the implications of Trump’s actions just before a national election, Dean criticized the Republicans for aligning with Trump despite the clear motives behind his behavior, which was aimed at suppressing a damaging story to influence his electoral prospects. “They know that.

They know the truth of it. And the jury has spoken,” she concluded, pointing to the recent legal verdicts as affirmation of Trump’s accountability. Dean’s fiery commentary underscores the ongoing tension within Congress, reflecting broader national debates over the integrity of U.S. political and judicial institutions.

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