“As many people as possible,” Libertarian Party Selects Chase Oliver as 2024 Presidential Nominee

 “As many people as possible,” Libertarian Party Selects Chase Oliver as 2024 Presidential Nominee

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Chase Oliver has been chosen by the Libertarian Party as their presidential nominee for the 2024 election, with neither Donald Trump nor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. being eligible for the position. Historically, third parties have struggled to compete in U.S. presidential elections, with the Libertarian nominee garnering only 1% of the vote four years ago.

This year’s rematch between Trump and Democratic President Joe Biden, likely hinging on narrow margins in key swing states, has brought increased attention to the Libertarian nomination. Trump attended the Libertarian conference in Washington but was loudly booed during his speech. He failed to secure the support he sought and did not qualify for the voting rounds, receiving only two write-in ballots, according to the Independent.

Kennedy, who received a warmer reception when he addressed the conference on May 24 and criticized both Trump and Biden, was also unsuccessful. He garnered only 2.07% of the vote from 19 delegates in the first round of the nomination contest. Running as an independent, Kennedy’s campaign is seen as a potential spoiler for the major party nominees, reported PBS News.

The Libertarian Party, which values individual liberty and limited government, features a range of policy views. After seven rounds of voting at the party’s convention in Washington, D.C., on May 26, Oliver, a frequent congressional candidate from Georgia, was selected as the nominee, defeating contenders such as Michael Rectenwald and Mike Ter Maat.

In his acceptance speech, Oliver told CNN that reaching “as many people as possible” would be essential to influencing the race, which Biden or Trump are expected to dominate. He pledged to be “a fly in the ointment of the two-party system.”

Oliver has advocated for more work permits, an easier path to citizenship for foreign nationals, the decriminalization of abortion, and a reduction in U.S. involvement in overseas conflicts. He criticized Trump during his speech, calling it a “mistake” to have invited him to the Libertarian convention and declaring, “You are not a libertarian… You’re a war criminal and you deserve to be shamed by everyone in this hall.”

Oliver, an activist from Atlanta, has previously run for the U.S. Senate and House representing Georgia. On his campaign website, he calls for the elimination of the death penalty, closing all military bases abroad, ending military aid to other countries, and significant reductions to the federal budget. In an interview with POLITICO, Oliver emphasized his goal to expand the Libertarian Party’s presence nationwide while running for president.

“I wanted to demonstrate to the delegates and to the voters that we have the drive and energy to push ourselves everywhere to grow our party’s foundation in every state,” Oliver said.

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