Former Obama Campaign Mastermind Signals Crucial Decision Point for Biden Following Gloomy Poll Results for 2024

Josh Reynolds/AP

David Axelrod, the strategist who helped orchestrate Barack Obama’s presidential victories, has expressed concerns about Joe Biden’s potential 2024 campaign, particularly in light of new polling data that places Donald Trump ahead in key battleground states.

Axelrod, who once pegged Biden as the leading contender in a burgeoning Democratic lineup back in 2019, recently pointed to “legitimate concern” based on recent poll numbers, although he caveats that such early polls are often unreliable.

According to a report by HuffPost on Monday, Despite this, Axelrod highlighted Biden’s age as a significant factor that could impact his re-election campaign. With Biden approaching his 81st birthday, Axelrod remarked that “The age arrow only points in one direction,” suggesting that Biden’s seniority may be a sticking point for voters.

While acknowledging Biden’s accomplishments in office, Axelrod raised the alarm about the risks of underestimating Trump, whom he described as “a dangerous, unhinged demagogue.” He stressed that the ultimate decision to run rests with Biden, posing the question of whether another presidential run is in the best interest of Biden himself or the nation.

In response to Axelrod’s concerns and the unfavorable poll, Biden’s campaign team remains undeterred. Campaign spokesperson Kevin Muñoz responded confidently, dismissing the early poll and asserting that the focus should be on the work, not on polling speculations, saying, “We’ll win in 2024 by putting our heads down and doing the work, not by fretting about a poll.”

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