Mike Lindell Calls on Conservatives to Be Deputized in ‘God’s Plan’ for Election Victory

 Mike Lindell Calls on Conservatives to Be Deputized in ‘God’s Plan’ for Election Victory

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

MyPillow CEO and staunch election-denier Mike Lindell delivered a fervent message to conservatives over the weekend, declaring his belief in a divine plan for former President Donald Trump’s triumph on Election Day.

“I believe it’s God’s plan,” Lindell asserted.

Central to Lindell’s strategy is causing confusion among electronic systems involved in voting processes.

“They’re not going to know if you’re going to vote early or…you’re going to vote on Election Day,” Lindell explained passionately. “Everybody needs to reach out and get, get your early vote, get your ballot.”

Lindell’s approach appears to encourage voters to obtain early voting ballots without necessarily using them, and then bringing them to polling locations on Election Day.

“On Election Day…you will take this ballot and you will go to vote,” Lindell outlined. “And if they say, ‘Well, you’ve already voted’…then we have a plan where you’re going to go outside, then you’re going to open that up.”

He instructed voters to take the ballot outside, photograph it, and submit it to what he termed the Election Crimes Bureau, also known as the Lindell Offense Fund website. Lindell believes this action will generate “new evidence” beneficial to Trump’s cause.

“So we’re going to have you all be deputized to save our country,” Lindell declared emphatically. “We all need you to deputize all of you if they steal it again like this, I, the people will demand these machines that we paid for out of our tax dollars.”

Lindell’s remarks underscore his ongoing crusade to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election results and support Trump’s narrative of election fraud. His call to “deputize” conservatives reflects a belief that ordinary citizens must act to safeguard what he perceives as the integrity of the electoral process.

Critics argue that Lindell’s strategy could potentially confuse voters and complicate the voting process rather than safeguarding democracy. Nonetheless, Lindell remains steadfast in his conviction that exposing what he believes to be irregularities in the election is crucial for the future of the nation.

As Lindell continues to promote his agenda, his influence within conservative circles remains significant, shaping discussions on election integrity and the role of grassroots activism in preserving democratic principles.

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