Speaker Mike Johnson Says Marjorie Taylor Greene and Others Force Him to Play “Mental Health Counselor”

 Speaker Mike Johnson Says Marjorie Taylor Greene and Others Force Him to Play “Mental Health Counselor”

Photograph by Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call / AP

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson recently disclosed on a Louisiana radio talk show that U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and some other members of the GOP conference require him to spend “half” his day acting as a “mental health counselor.”

During his appearance on KEEL’s “Mike & McCarthy” show, Johnson addressed whether he had reconciled with the far-right congresswoman following her failed “motion to vacate” attempt to oust him. As reported by The Daily Mail, Johnson confirmed that he often has to manage internal GOP conflicts, echoing former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s advice to bring in a psychiatrist for many GOP members.

“Oh, good grief. You know me, I don’t carry grudges,” Johnson replied. “I don’t, you know, I don’t keep a record of wrongs. I went up to her right after her ridiculous tirade and said, ‘You know what, still gotta work together, Marjorie. … How about training some of that energy against the Democrats?’” “Look. This is all gonna work out. I spend half my day as Speaker of the House and the other half as a mental health counselor,” getting everybody “through their issues.”

Johnson also took the opportunity to criticize President Joe Biden, particularly regarding the southern border. He defended House Republicans, claiming they have been “fighting since Joe Biden walked into the Oval Office and started issuing executive orders to open it wide.”

Throughout the interview, Johnson showed little interest in bipartisan cooperation, stating that he encouraged Greene to continue battling Democrats. He asserted that House Republicans have been “fighting tooth and nail” against the opposing party.

“Here’s the problem. Everybody has to remember. We have the smallest majority and only one chamber of Congress and I have a one-vote margin,” Johnson lamented. “So I can pass things in the House. But it doesn’t mean it’s gonna become law, because the progressive Democrats run the White House and the Senate. So we send over our legislation, and we pass resolutions. We impeached Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas at the Department of Homeland Security.”

Johnson’s remarks highlight the ongoing internal struggles within the GOP and the challenges faced in passing legislation with a slim majority and a divided government.

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