Lawsuit Reveals Racial Slurs in Trump Legal Team, Claims Former Assistant

 Lawsuit Reveals Racial Slurs in Trump Legal Team, Claims Former Assistant


Alina Habba, the legal spokesperson for Donald Trump, is embroiled in controversy after allegations surfaced that she used racial slurs against New York Attorney General Letitia James. These accusations came to light through a lawsuit filed by Na’syia Drayton, a former legal assistant at Habba Madaio & Associates, who is Black.

The lawsuit, which was settled out of court, originated in Middlesex County, New Jersey. It detailed an incident in April 2022, where Habba reportedly lost a legal argument with James, who is also Black. Following a court ruling that mandated Trump to comply with a subpoena from James and imposed a $10,000 daily fine until he did, Habba allegedly lashed out in anger, per Business Insider

According to the lawsuit, she stormed out of her office and exclaimed, “I hate that Black b***h,” in reference to James. The suit describes Habba as “parading around the office seething” about the judge’s decision. Drayton, who worked at the law firm located in Bedminster, New Jersey—home to Trump National Golf Club and where Drayton was the only African American employee—expressed shock and dismay at Habba’s conduct.

In her lawsuit, Drayton stated she was “astonished” that her boss felt “comfortable and entitled” to make such remarks openly at work. The lawsuit paints a broader picture of an unprofessional and discriminatory workplace environment. It claims that Habba and another partner, Madaio, would often use the N-word and other inappropriate language while listening to rap music loudly in the office as a way to “energize” themselves before court appearances, per Newsweek.

Drayton’s complaint included song lyrics they rapped along to, described as “racially offensive and sexually inappropriate.” Additionally, the lawsuit recounts another racially charged comment made by Habba towards a Jewish coworker, whom she allegedly called “a cheap Jew.” It also describes an incident during a staff luncheon where Habba, upon noticing Drayton reviewing a menu, remarked, “You people like fried chicken,” perpetuating a racist stereotype.

When Drayton raised concerns about these behaviors, she claims Habba reacted with “emotional, animated, and aggressive” defensiveness. According to Drayton, Habba retorted, “I am a f**king minority myself! I’m not white,” and shared her own experiences of being bullied due to her Arab heritage.

This lawsuit underscores significant allegations of racial harassment and discrimination within a legal team closely associated with former President Donald Trump, spotlighting troubling behaviors and attitudes in a professional setting.

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