Lauren Boebert Recovers from Surgery After Blood Clot Diagnosis

Lauren Boebert

Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, is currently in the process of recuperation following a surgical procedure to address a significant health scare involving a blood clot. The news of her condition and subsequent surgery emerged through various reports and was shared by friends and well-wishers on social media platforms this Tuesday.

The medical issue that necessitated the surgery was identified as an acute blood clot, and during the course of her treatment, Boebert was also diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome, a condition her campaign disclosed to Semafor journalist Kadia Goba. This particular syndrome is relatively uncommon and predominantly affects women, particularly those within the age range of 20 to 45 years, as noted by the Center for Vascular Medicine.

In the wake of this news, former Representative George Santos of New York, a member of the Republican party like Boebert, extended his heartfelt wishes for her speedy recovery through a social media post. Santos expressed his gratitude towards divine providence for safeguarding his “dear friend” through the surgical procedure and highlighted her current state of wellness post-surgery.

Moreover, Santos acknowledged and commended the medical professionals involved in Boebert’s care, underscoring the importance of recognizing the everyday heroes in the medical field for their dedication and service. He concluded his message with a note of encouragement for Boebert and her family, emphasizing the challenges that lie ahead for her.

Adding to the voices wishing Boebert a swift recovery, her congressional campaign released a statement on Facebook Tuesday night, wherein Boebert herself expressed her gratitude towards the medical staff at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies. She specifically mentioned Dr. Rebecca Bade, acknowledging the exceptional care and valuable insights provided regarding her recent diagnosis.

In her statement, Boebert conveyed an optimistic outlook towards her recovery, stating her anticipation of returning to her full capacity and resuming her duties in Congress. She reiterated her commitment to serving the state of Colorado and the determination to continue her advocacy and work in the legislative body, signaling her resilience in the face of health adversities.

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