Kristi Noem’s Book Controversy Puppy-Killing Story Sparks Heated CNN Interview

 Kristi Noem’s Book Controversy Puppy-Killing Story Sparks Heated CNN Interview

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A CNN interview with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem took a contentious turn when the Republican lawmaker plugged her book, leading “State of the Union” host Dana Bash to bring up a controversial excerpt that has reportedly impacted Noem’s political future. The excerpt in question involves Noem admitting to shooting her child’s puppy, Cricket, decades ago.

Following Noem’s book promotion, Bash provided her with an opportunity to express regret over the incident. However, Noem defended her actions, describing the 14-month-old puppy as dangerous, a sentiment she also conveyed in her book, “No Going Back,” where she admitted she “hated” the dog.

“You mentioned your book, so I’m going to ask you about that because in that book, ‘No Going Back,’ you came under pretty intense criticism even from some members of your own party because you shared a story about shooting and killing your 14-month-old dog, Cricket,” Bash began. “Now that you’ve had time to process all of that, in all candor, do you have regrets?”, reported Yahoo.

“You know that story is a 20-year-old story of a mom who made a very difficult decision to protect her children from a vicious animal that was attacking livestock and killing livestock and attacking people,” Noem responded. “So it’s in the book because it was difficult for me and there’s a lot in that book that I think people will need to read. I don’t know if you’ve read it or not.”

Bash confirmed she had read the book and understood the “context” in which the shooting occurred, then pressed further, “So what I’m hearing is no regrets, not just about writing about it, but actually shooting the dog.”

Noem paused, tilted her head, and snapped, “We’ve covered this, and I’m a mom and protected my children from a vicious animal. We just had a nine-year-old boy in South Dakota killed just days ago from a dog.”

The interview highlighted the ongoing controversy surrounding Noem’s admission, which has drawn significant criticism even from within her own party. Critics argue that the story reflects poorly on Noem’s judgment, while her supporters claim it demonstrates her commitment to protecting her family and livestock.

As Noem continues to navigate the fallout from her book’s revelations, the incident underscores the challenges public figures face when their personal decisions and actions are subjected to public scrutiny. The exchange with Bash illustrates the delicate balance politicians must maintain when addressing past controversies, especially those that evoke strong emotional reactions from the public.

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