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Sleepy Joe Biden Makes Series of Gaffes and Fables While Congratulating Navy Grads

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‘I’ve been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan over 40 — I think 38 times… ‘

During the United States Naval Academy’s May 27 graduation ceremony, sleepy Joe Biden made a series of gaffes and fables when congratulating graduates.

RedState reported that the septuagenarian president declared at the start of his speech, in an apparent attempt to connect with his audience, that he had been appointed to the Naval Academy in 1965 but did not attend because he chose to play football at the University of Delaware.

“I was appointed to the Academy in 1965 by a senator who I was running against in 1972,” Biden said. “He was a fine man, and his name was J. Caleb Boggs.”

As per Headlineusa, Biden then recalled a statement from his 1972 debate with Boggs, in which Boggs joked about Biden’s refusal to accept his appointment.

“You know, Joe, if you had accepted my . . . appointment to the Academy, you’d still have one year and three months active duty, and I’d have no problems right now,” Boggs is alleged to have said.

According to the New York Post, the problem is that the narrative is most likely a complete fabrication.

In 1965, Biden graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts degree after an unremarkable four years.

“It’s unclear if Biden has told the story before, but it surprised political journalists who have covered his many campaigns and his presidency,” the Post reported, adding that the Naval Academy does not appear in Biden’s memoirs.

Furthermore, in 1968, Biden was “deemed unfit for military service” due to an asthma diagnosis that had never been revealed previously and had not prohibited him from playing football or working as a lifeguard.

According to RedState, Biden also exaggerated the number of times he has visited Iraq and Afghanistan in his speech.

“I’ve been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan over 40 — I think 38 times,” Biden said.

According to the Washington Post, the real number is 21.

The president also took time to blame both COVID and the Russians for his brief presidency’s major failures.

“The deadly pandemic [caused] disruptions to the global supply chain causing significant inflation,” Biden said.

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