Jill Biden and Democrats Accused of Mistreating Joe Biden as Calls Grow for His Resignation Amid Special Counsel’s Findings on Cognitive Decline Before Presidency

Jill Biden
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In the comprehensive investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Hur into Joe Biden’s conduct, a notable aspect involved the examination of interviews Biden had with a ghostwriter following his tenure as vice president. According to Hur’s findings, during these interviews conducted in 2017, Biden exhibited signs of being “painfully slow” and demonstrated “limited precision and recall,” indicating early signs of cognitive decline well before his presidential campaign in 2020.

The report sheds light on what appears to be a well-known issue among Biden’s inner circle and key Democratic figures. Jill Biden, Biden’s aides, and influential Democrats, including James Clyburn, were seemingly aware of Biden’s cognitive challenges. Despite these concerns, the Democratic establishment, driven by the fear of Bernie Sanders securing the nomination and potentially losing to Donald Trump, reportedly rallied behind Biden, reported New York Post.

They aimed to leverage his connection to the Obama era, even if it meant presenting him as more capable than he might have been, drawing parallels to the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” in their strategy to maintain a certain image.

The strategy for Biden’s campaign, as depicted in the narrative, involved significant measures to manage his public appearances and interactions with the media. During the pandemic lockdowns, this approach was seemingly easier to implement, with Biden making limited and controlled appearances, often with the assistance of a teleprompter, within restricted hours.

The portrayal of Biden’s public engagements, such as press conferences, highlights instances where his cognitive struggles were apparent. Misidentifications and controversial statements, such as confusing the president of Egypt with the president of Mexico and making contentious remarks about Israel’s response to a terror attack, are cited as examples of why Biden’s public appearances might be minimized.

The report raises concerns about the ongoing impact of Biden’s cognitive state on his capacity to lead, suggesting a deterioration from 2017 to 2023. It questions the sustainability of this situation for the country’s future and hints at the potential necessity of invoking the 25th Amendment.

The narrative concludes by attributing responsibility for this situation to those close to Biden, including his family and staff, who supported his candidacy and presidency despite these concerns. It suggests that the burden of this “humiliation” lies with them, implying a betrayal of public trust that Americans are unlikely to forget.

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