“We Will Win, We’re White” Eric Trump’s Remark Sparks Outrage at Rally

 “We Will Win, We’re White” Eric Trump’s Remark Sparks Outrage at Rally

(Shannon Stapleton/Pool Photo via AP)

Eric Trump’s recent statement at a New York City rally has ignited a firestorm of controversy and widespread condemnation online. His declaration, “We’re waiting for the day that we’ll win. We will, we’re white,” has not only shocked listeners but also reignited discussions about the Trump family’s alleged ties to racist ideologies.

The incident echoes the troubling legacy of Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, who was accused of racial discrimination in his housing practices. The explicit racial comment by Eric Trump rapidly became a focal point on social media, drawing severe backlash for its overtly racist tone.

One social media user vehemently criticized Eric’s attempt to deflect from his father’s legal issues, stating, “Just ignore the mountain of evidence that was presented against my father, mostly from friends and former staff members. Also, don’t even focus for a second on the fact that he’s so guilty that he was afraid to even attempt to defend himself on the stand. Focus on what I’m telling you here. Ignore the facts, my friends. Ignore everything you heard and saw and what your heart is telling you RIGHT NOW. You MUST ignore all that. Yes, if you can ignore ALL THAT, you’ll come to one simple conclusion. My father is innocent.”

The confusion and disbelief were palpable as another user expressed, “Did Eric just say he’s confident they are going to win because they’re white?” While another echoed, “I had to play this back a few times, because I thought he must be saying ‘we’re right,’ but no, he is clearly saying ‘we’re white.’ Unbelievable.”

Amid this controversy, Donald Trump’s ongoing legal battles also continue to capture headlines. During closing arguments at his criminal trial, Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, challenged the credibility of key witness Michael Cohen by labeling him the “GLOAT – greatest liar of all time,” as per NBC News.

In response, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass retorted, “We didn’t choose Michael Cohen. We didn’t pick him up at the witness store. Mr. Trump chose Mr. Cohen for the same qualities his attorneys now urge you to reject.”

According to The Guardian, Blanche vehemently argued for Trump’s innocence, emphasizing that the case “is not a referendum on your views of President Trump…if you focus just on the evidence you heard in this courtroom, this is a very, very quick and easy not guilty verdict.”

As Eric Trump’s remarks continue to reverberate across platforms, they underscore the stark polarizations and the ongoing scrutiny of the Trump family’s political and social stances.

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