Growing Controversy: FBI Agent Elvis Chan Skips House Committee Amid Perjury Claims

Jim Jordan
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

In a move that’s left the public buzzing, FBI agent Elvis Chan skipped out on his much-anticipated House Judiciary Committee testimony on Thursday. Despite a direct subpoena issued to him after missing an earlier scheduled interview, Chan’s notable absence has only deepened the intrigue surrounding his involvement in the Hunter Biden laptop story, as revealed by the Daily Caller.

Tensions skyrocketed when House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, dropped bombshell internal Facebook documents. These papers seemingly point to Chan giving misleading information under oath about his discussions with Facebook during the heated 2020 presidential campaign.

Russell Dye, spokesperson for the House Judiciary Committee, didn’t mince words, stating that “everything, including contempt,” is on the table for the elusive Mr. Chan.

With allegations of perjury hanging in the balance and the quest for truth gaining momentum, all eyes are fixed on this unfolding drama. As the nation waits with bated breath, the big question remains: Why is Elvis Chan avoiding his testimony, and what revelations might he be hiding?

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