“Addicted to Revenge” Dr. Phil McGraw’s Challenging Conversation with Donald Trump

 “Addicted to Revenge” Dr. Phil McGraw’s Challenging Conversation with Donald Trump

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Dr. Phil McGraw, known for his psychological expertise, delved into a candid conversation with former President Donald Trump on his new streaming service, MRIT+. Scheduled to air at 8 p.m. on Thursday, this interview promises to reveal intriguing aspects of Trump’s personality, including his alleged “addiction to revenge.” McGraw, who has transitioned his career toward more political themes, discussed various topics with Trump, ranging from economics under Joe Biden to complex international issues.

During the interview, Trump compared his brother’s struggle with alcoholism to ongoing public criticisms of Hunter Biden, explaining to Sean Hannity that such behaviors were due to addiction. However, a teaser clip released does not reveal Trump’s reaction to McGraw directly accusing him of being addicted to revenge.

James Kimmel, Jr., a Yale psychiatrist, contributed to the discussion with his research on grievance, suggesting that harboring a grievance can activate brain regions similar to those involved in drug addiction. “Your brain on grievance looks a lot like your brain on drugs,” Kimmel wrote for Politico, highlighting the psychological impacts of such mental states.

Trump, engaging with McGraw’s probing questions, joked about his appearances on television, asserting, “People break down crying, ohhhh ohhhhh, in the show. I said, ‘That’s never gonna happen to me!'” This response sheds light on his perception of emotional displays and vulnerability.

Recovery and addiction expert Yeshaia Blakeney speculated on Trump’s potential long-term use of a pharmaceutical cocktail, including methylphenidate and benzodiazepines like Xanax, though he admits his observations are based more on assumptions than hard facts.

The conversation also ventured into deeper reflections, with McGraw asking Trump about his inner thoughts during quiet moments and what he considers his “hardest darkest moment,” aiming to uncover layers of Trump’s often public-facing persona.

This interview is set to be a significant episode on McGraw’s MRIT+, as he leverages his psychological insights to explore the complex character of a former president who continues to influence American political life.

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