DeSantis Declines Trump VP Role with Brief Reply “No, I’m running for president”

Ron DeSantis
Wade Vandervort/AFP via Getty Images

In a forthright revelation, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis declared his absolute reluctance to become Donald Trump’s Vice President in the forthcoming 2024 presidential race, even if the opportunity arises. This declaration was made during a candid interview with Fox News, where DeSantis, who is also on the presidential campaign trail, distinctly dismissed any notion of considering the Vice-Presidential role if Trump clinches the GOP nomination.

The unequivocal “No, I’m running for president,” came as a response to Maria Bartiromo’s inquiry about his willingness to be Trump’s vice president. DeSantis, whose stance was published by Conservative Brief News on October 11, 2023, underscored his capabilities to serve two potential terms and secure crucial states such as Georgia and Arizona, which he contended Trump could not.

Highlighting his successes and policy implementations as Governor of Florida, including achieving budget surpluses, reducing debt, cutting taxes, enhancing school choice, enforcing parental rights, prohibiting sanctuary cities, and bolstering Second Amendment rights, DeSantis expressed his conviction that his track record of promise-keeping is precisely what the nation necessitates amidst its decline.

However, DeSantis’s campaign encounters turbulence as his polling figures wane compared to Trump’s. In a perplexing political move, he agreed to debate Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom, who isn’t vying for the White House, in a session scheduled for November, broadcasted by Fox News from an undisclosed location in Georgia. The discussion aims to contrast their divergent visions for the United States, pitting Florida’s triumphs against California’s tribulations.

Nevertheless, the DeSantis campaign seems besieged by struggles. In New Hampshire, he was overtaken in the polls by GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley, and his campaign witnessed a discernible decline, finding him just slightly ahead of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, as per Newsmax reports.

Compounding the complexity of the race is Trump’s formidable polling lead, manifesting a seemingly insurmountable gap that leaves his GOP rivals, including DeSantis, in the dust. DeSantis’s plight mirrors in North Carolina, where he trails substantially behind Trump among GOP voters.

Even though DeSantis has endured a significant decrease in national support, he still clinches the second choice for GOP voters post-Trump, obtaining 33% support and managing to stay ahead of other political figures such as former Vice President Mike Pence and Chris Christie, despite their higher unfavorable scores in certain polls, as cited by the Tampa Free Press. Thus, the journey toward the 2024 GOP presidential nomination continues to unravel with intriguing dynamics and unexpected developments.

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