“The Only Time Trump Apologizes” Campaign Walks Back Controversial Green Card Promise

 “The Only Time Trump Apologizes” Campaign Walks Back Controversial Green Card Promise


Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday walked back one of his most controversial campaign promises, drawing criticism from both conservatives and liberals. Trump recently stated that he wants to give green cards to foreign graduates from American colleges, signaling a clear departure from his typically hardline stance on immigration.

This announcement led to harsh pushback from Trump’s most loyal supporters, including MAGA activist Laura Loomer. Over the weekend, Fox News reported that the Trump campaign “walked back a promise that the former president would ‘automatically’ award green cards to migrants after they graduate from college.”

This reversal was met with sharp criticism from conservatives, including Mike Madrid, who served as the Golden State’s GOP political director before co-founding the Lincoln Project, a group of current and former anti-Trump Republicans.

“The only time Trump apologizes is when he’s not fanning racism,” Madrid said. Former Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) agreed, saying, “So true.” The Tennessee Holler also chimed in, highlighting the inconsistency: “Walked it back within 48 hours,” the account wrote on Sunday. “Amazing how having no actual principles and telling rich people whatever you think they want to hear to get their money can get you into trouble.”

The backlash underscores the deep divisions within Trump’s support base. His original proposal aimed to appeal to a broader audience by promoting a policy that encourages highly skilled immigrants to remain in the U.S. However, this shift alienated his core supporters who favor stricter immigration controls.

Critics argue that this flip-flop exemplifies Trump’s lack of consistent principles, suggesting that his promises are often more about gaining immediate support than about long-term policy commitments.

The controversy has created a challenging landscape for Trump’s campaign as it navigates between maintaining the loyalty of his staunchest supporters and attempting to appeal to a wider electorate. The reversal of the green card promise is a vivid reminder of the delicate balancing act required in political campaigns, especially one as polarized as Trump’s.

As the campaign progresses, it remains to be seen how Trump’s team will handle similar policy shifts and whether they can effectively manage the reactions from both ends of the political spectrum. For now, the swift backlash and walkback of the green card promise highlight the complexities and contradictions that often accompany Trump’s campaign strategies.

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