Ex-DOJ Veteran Drops BOMBSHELL: Biden’s the Only Key to Stop Trump’s Return!

Joe Biden
© Andrew Harnik

With the 2024 elections around the corner, all eyes are on the top contenders. Amid concerns about President Joe Biden’s age, Julie Rodin Zebrak, a seasoned DOJ veteran, made a shocking revelation.

In a recent report by CNN, Zebrak, who once held a prominent position during the Obama era, claims Biden is America’s best shot at blocking former President Donald Trump’s path back to the White House.

Not stopping at that, Zebrak delves deep, emphasizing that the presidency is more than just one man. It’s about the team, the advisors, and the policies they uphold.

Taking a swing at Trump’s past term, she didn’t just pinpoint Trump but critiqued the entire entourage he kept. In stark contrast, she praises Biden’s collaborative spirit and the wisdom of his advisory team.

Her message is crystal clear: It’s not just about 2024; it’s about ensuring Trump doesn’t step foot in the Oval Office again. Zebrak is putting her money on Biden, irrespective of age concerns, highlighting his intelligence, kindness, and vast experience over Trump and the GOP. She passionately calls for Democratic unity and encourages everyone to look at the bigger picture – keeping Trump out. As the election heat intensifies, will her rallying cry be the anthem Democrats need?

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