David Axelrod Advises Biden Campaign to Shift Focus in 2024 Strategy

Joe Biden
(Image: twitter/@CNBC)

David Axelrod, a key figure from former President Barack Obama’s advisory team, recently voiced concerns about President Joe Biden’s approach to the 2024 campaign strategy. Speaking on CNN’s This Morning, Axelrod emphasized the necessity for Biden’s campaign to shift its focus from being a mere referendum on Biden to a comparative analysis with Donald Trump, whom he described as “an epically flawed candidate.”

Axelrod highlighted the challenge Biden faces due to public concerns about his age, especially since Biden will be 81 by the next election. These concerns, Axelrod pointed out, necessitate a strategic presentation of Biden to the electorate, with an emphasis on drawing contrasts with Trump’s candidacy.

Since announcing his candidacy in 2019, Biden has been scrutinized for both his physical and mental aptitude for the presidency. His relatively subdued campaign style has also drawn criticism for lacking the visibility and dynamism often seen in Trump’s approach. Trump, despite losing the 2020 election by a significant margin, has continued to challenge the legitimacy of the results, rallying a dedicated base around claims of electoral fraud and hinting at a 2024 run.

Axelrod, leveraging his experience from two successful presidential campaigns under Obama, advised against underestimating Trump. He suggested that Biden’s campaign should proactively highlight the current administration’s accomplishments and set them against the backdrop of what he termed the “failures and chaos” of the Trump administration.

Addressing voter dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, Axelrod argued for a campaign that demonstrates Biden’s commitment to enhancing American livelihoods, focusing on critical issues such as the economy, healthcare, climate change, and foreign policy.

Anticipating the barrage of attacks and misinformation likely to emanate from Trump’s camp, Axelrod underscored the need for Biden’s campaign to develop a robust communication strategy to debunk falsehoods and counteract negative narratives.

Axelrod’s advice extended to the importance of engaging and energizing Biden’s base while also appealing to undecided voters and those leaning toward Trump. He stressed that elections transcend the candidates themselves, resonating with the electorate’s aspirations and concerns. In his view, Biden’s campaign should articulate a compelling vision that positions Biden as the preferable choice for the nation’s and the world’s future.

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