“This is so sad to watch Just retire already” Joe Biden, 81, and Nancy Pelosi, 83, Tarmac Walk Sparks Age-Related Criticism

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The recent sight of President Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joining hands as they carefully walked across the tarmac at San Francisco’s airport has sparked a wave of mockery online, with critics using the moment to highlight concerns about the President’s age and fitness for office. The two were seen together when President Biden, aged 81, arrived in San Francisco for a three-day fundraising trip across California, as reported by NBC News.

The footage captured the moment President Biden and Pelosi, aged 83, slowly made their way to Marine One after greeting Pelosi and Mayor London Breed upon Biden’s arrival. This scene led to various sarcastic comments on social media, with one user likening the moment to a “nursing home reunion.” Another referenced the film “On Golden Pond,” which features an elderly couple, to describe the scene humorously.

Some of the online commentary took a more critical tone, with suggestions that Pelosi could have used a walker, while another comment called for “Geriatrics unite!” in jest. Following the tarmac walk, President Biden traveled by helicopter to San Francisco’s Marina Green, where Pelosi was expected to co-host a fundraising event for him that evening.

At one such event hosted at the residence of billionaire Democratic donor Gordon Getty, President Biden made a notable remark, calling Russian President Vladimir Putin “a crazy SOB,” which drew attention. The reaction to Biden and Pelosi’s slow walk across the tarmac adds to the ongoing debate about the President’s age, which has been a point of contention among critics.

“Can either one walk?” one X user snarked.

“Two old cronies plotting and holding each other up,” another chimed in.

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, voiced his criticism on his podcast, accusing Democrats of supporting Biden for a second term despite concerns over his capability, likening their support to the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” to maintain their hold on the White House. Cruz emphasized that the only concern for Democrats is not Biden’s competence but the potential risk of losing the presidency.

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