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Trump declares himself ‘clairvoyant,’ critics wonder how he managed to get the election so wrong


He also missed the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago to look for the documents he had hidden there. The statement that Donald Trump is not only “brilliant,” but “clairvoyant” was a shocking revelation in his vicious, grievance-filled holiday “greeting” posted on Truth Social Sunday.

That surprised fans who were accustomed to his string of poor predictions, such as claiming that COVID will “miraculously” disappear in the spring of 2020. He also predicted incorrectly that he would win the 2020 election by a larger margin than he won in 2016, that Republicans would take control of the House in 2020, and that his backed candidates would win the midterm elections.

Trump also called President Joe Biden “mentally disabled” in his statement. Some Twitter users questioned why Trump kept sensitive materials at Mar-a-Lago if he knew FBI officials would look for them there in the future.

Others speculated that Trump didn’t understand what the term “clairvoyant” means.

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