Is Dubai your Travelling Destination for 2011?

 Is Dubai your Travelling Destination for 2011?

is-dubai-your-travelling-destination-for-2011Traveling to Dubai has become very popular and tourists from all around the globe come here and make their memories with infinite attractions that it offers.

Dubai has become a hub of tourism and business in the past two decades. The development of Dubai in these two decades has been enormous and it is surely impressive to see that how a dessert is converted into such an exceptionally wonderful and well-equipped place within a short time.

Here are a few tips for you if you are travelling to Dubai anytime this year and want to know more about it in detail.

Dubai is one amazing place if you wish travelling to some place that has beaches, luxurious life and lots of shopping. It offers all this on one platform and almost all the year around. The tourists from U.S.A, Canada and Europe prefer to visit Dubai in the summer season because the beaches are very welcoming and enjoyable. While, tourists from Middle East, South Asia etc prefer the months from September to March when the temperatures are a bit low and the sun is not at its peak. Light summer clothing is preferable when travelling to Dubai because it is sunny throughout the year but don’t forget to take a shawl or one sweater at least as the temperatures do drop at night and the cold wave can make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

Well, it would certainly be appropriate to say that Dubai is a place for the free-spirited people. It has such amazing attractions for each age group and all kinds of tourists that you can never get bored in Dubai ever. Dubai is all about constant partying and non-stop fun. Out of all the attractions, the most important attraction is the Dubai dessert safari. Your trip is totally incomplete if you are travelling to Dubai and not plan to go on a Dessert Safari. It is an experience of a lifetime and ensures the tourists that they get a true picture of a pure Arabian dessert culture and lifestyle.

Apart from the dessert safari, visiting the Atlantis water park at Palm Island or Wild Wadi Water Park is an essential part of all the attractions. Both these water parks are one of a kind and built with state of the art technology. They offer one of the best water rides in the world and with their different deals and packages; they suit the tourists conveniently according to their budgets.

Shopping is also one of the mainstream attractions of Dubai. Dubai boasts in having the world’s biggest mall that is the Dubai Mall adjacent to Burj Khalifah, the tallest building in the world. Ibn Batuta, Mall of Emirates and Festival city are a must-visit for all the shopaholic tourists. World’s best and widest variety of all kinds of brands and signature stores is in Dubai and the shopping experience is surely an exceptional one.

Apart from these three major attractions, Dubai is full of other interesting stuff too. The food in Dubai is truly a treat for your taste buds. Don’t miss the Shawarma when you are travelling to Dubai! It is a delicious specialty of Dubai. Also, the grand and exquisite gold souks of Dubai attract many tourists and business people from all around the globe. The nightclubs and the night life of Dubai are also mesmerizing. It is way different from what you have in Las Vegas but it comes at par with it through a very different way.

Therefore, travelling to Dubai this year is surely going to be a whole new experience and treat for you and your loved ones. Just pack your bags and get all set to be a part of the breath-taking Arabian culture.


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