Paint Your Walls in Stripes


paint-your-walls-in-stripesWall painting is a fun activity. By painting walls of your room in stripes you can add beauty to it and can cut down the use of wall papers as well.

Paint your room walls yourself by following the simple guidelines elaborated under ‘do it yourself’.






Things required:

  • Measuring tape
  • Semi-gloss paint
  • White chalk
  • Laser level
  • Paint brush or paint roll
  • Paint

Determine Direction of Stripes:

First determine the direction and width of stripes according to room proportion. Wide stripes for larger room and narrow stripes for small rooms are suitable. Mark the dots on walls to ease painting process.

Determine Direction of Stripes


Apply Base Color

Apply base color after determining stripes area. Use flat and semi-gloss paint as base color and apply 24 to 48 hours before striping paint on walls.

Apply Base Color

Lines Should Be Straight

Use a laser level or chalk line to make sure that lines are straight or not.

Lines Should Be Straight

Paint in Stripes

Now start painting the walls in stripes. After applying paint in stripes, let it dry. Some uncovered stripes will show off then. Recoat over uncovered stripes and let it dry.

Paint in Stripes

Creative Stripes

Be creative and generate some innovative stripes on your walls to make your room walls appealing and more beautiful.

Creative Stripes


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