Install Laminate Flooring Yourself

 Install Laminate Flooring Yourself

install-laminate-flooring-yourselfLaminate flooring contains high functional qualities for floors and provides a classic elegance to dull and rough floors but the installation of laminate flooring is not an easy task.

Here are some step by step simple guidelines to install laminate flooring aimed to ease laminate flooring process and to help its installation by yourself.

Tools Required

A measuring tape, utility knife, chalk line, hammer, tapping block, wood glue, coping saw, nails,  a pull bar, underlayment pad, laminate flooring, a carpenter’s square, safety eyeglasses.

Surface Preparation

Laminate flooring is installed over clean and flat surface that may be wood, concrete, vinyl or linoleum.

Install Laminate Flooring

  • Roll out underlayment pad
  • Connect pieces together with wide plastic tape
  • Stagger all the joints
  • Leave ¼ clearance t each wall as laminate floor do not attach to floors but are the outer layers only
  • Use spacers on initial walls from where you started.
  • Use pull bar to patch up things
  • Use utility knife to trim the connections on adjoining planks
  • Use little wood glue to stick laminate floor together.
  • Finally give it a finished look

These are the things to do while installing laminate flooring.

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