Frame French Doors with Sidelights

 Frame French Doors with Sidelights

frame-french-doors-with-sidelightsFraming French doors with sidelights adds life to your entrance looking elegant as well. For a finished touch frame your French doors with side lights and learn to it do it yourself with the simple steps explained below.







Tools required:

  • Framing hammer
  • Galvanized framing nails
  • Rosin-coated nails
  • Framing square
  • Carpenter’s square
  • 4-foot level
  • Saw horses
  • Circular saw
  • ¼-inch plywood
  • Measuring tape
  • French doors with sidelights
  • Shims


  • Firstly, measure the height and width of the French door and the sidelights using measuring tape
  • Leave extra space for the door jamb that is usually 1-inch thick with an additional ¼-inch between the jamb and the frame
  • Now cut the space by marking the location where the French door is to be installed. Use carpenter’s square and pencil to mark the space that you measured already
  • Now put the piece just in place and nail it. Also put other sides while framing the French door with sidelights
  • Now measure the space between the double studs and cut a 2×4 of its length. Nail it in bottom plate
  • Header is to be made from the plywood and two 2×6 boards that are also to be nailed together with the rosin-covered nails
  • Now cut the plywood to the length and width of the 2×6’s. Nail it on top
  • Set the header in place to the top plate and fix it in place with nails
  • In the end slide the French door in place making proper adjustments
  • Add shims to the base, top and sides to make it in center
  • Finally trim the shims and then nail them in place

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