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daily-horoscopeAries: The Stars are trying to play with you, leading you into battles which not even Don Quixote would have accepted. But don’t get low – get back some of your optimism. Today the sky gives you luck, creativity and success. With this group of aces, you’ll have a day in which the joy of living will present itself to the full.

Taurus: What a sky! Fly high with the Gods of the sky and sea and reap the desired fruits with the father of the Gods – time! Friends of the third decade, yes, money is useful but you seem to make it a tool of self-analysis. Opportunities seem to be passing under your nose.

Gemini: To face the Stock Market, optimism alone isn’t enough. You need knowledge, diligence and the right amount of luck. Things won’t always go badly for those born in the second decade. Lady Luck hasn’t abandoned you.

Cancer: People are talking about shares in telecommunications and you are starting to drool. What should you do? Buy or wait? Be brave but only after you’ve carefully analyzed the situation. Some advice for those born with an Ascendant in Scorpio: be magnanimous; if you have some tips or a secret weapon, don’t keep them to yourself. Recognition is a good thing, don’t you think?

Leo: Trading, trading…OK, fine but watch your health too. If you’re not in great shape mentally, you’ll lose your ability to make money. So take care of yourself. Those with an Ascendant in Gemini will daydream to their heart’s consent of thousands of prospects and tropical paradise. Wake up! Reality is totally different you know.

Virgo: How many chances do you have of winning if you leave events to the mercy of probability of chance? It’s better to stop betting on securities which are going down with the spirit of an unlucky lottery player. Those born in the third decade should take this advice: patience and reason are vital if you want good results.

Libra: When you talk about an investment which went well, you tend to go on and on and woe betide anyone who contradicts you. But try to understand when it’s time to stop boasting: is that so hard for you? The only way that those with an Ascendant in Taurus can scrape together a little money is to work calmly, evaluate each firm well and wait ’til prices are in line with their real value.

Scorpio: Lately, things haven’t gone too well and you’re wondering why. It is because now is not the right time – this is the moment to sow and the reaping will come later. Those born in the first decade should remember one important thing: being distant doesn’t make you superior. Refusing to reveal one’s own intentions will not make you popular.

Sagittarius: You’re thinking of investing in stocks and shares we bet. As you usually trust in your blind optimism, it’s hard to be negative. Those born in the 3rd decade are strongly advised to rationalize. You’ve let yourself be guided by intuition but this hasn’t always worked so be careful.

Capricorn: You have so many stifled dreams. Today, start achieving some of them – the time is right. Don’t be afraid of being daring – doing nothing is useless and will simply make you remember missed opportunities. If thrift has rewarded you more than once, it’s time to forget financial markets.

Aquarius: Don’t even think about trading, money or even going on-line today. Take a vacation and forget Wall Street. Those born in the first decade have an enviable quality: a lucid and implacable analytical sense. However, you need to develop your intuition.

Pisces: Today remember that obsessively probing oneself and trying to eliminate the past through suffering, hinders acceptance of new responsibilities and duties; these are indispensable for winning. “Learn from your errors” – what do you think of this key phrase dear friends of the third decade? Accepting your own errors can be tremendously dangerous, especially if the reasons are not clear.

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