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Business Horoscope August 27 to September 02

Aries Horoscope SignAries

The Moon’s return to your career sector on Monday and position here until Wednesday will not only sharpen your professional instincts, it gives you the right edge and focus as the Sun spends his first full week in your work sector, after returning last Thursday. The Sun is here to take over from where Mars left off 7 weeks earlier, without the hype and with a lot more objectivity. Here the focus is on the future and on the new paths that your work situation will take from here, while during the Moon’s time in your career sector the focus will be on the past. For this is the Moon’s last visit to your career sector before Pluto turns direct mid September and with the doors open to new opportunities on the work front and second chances on the career front, anything is possible.

Taurus Horoscope SignTaurus

When Mars left your work sector last Friday he left Saturn on his own and while he’s now in his final 6 weeks, he’ll be on his own until mid September. Saturn first returned to your work sector in October 2009 and since then he’s been slowly pushing you to your fulfill potential, pushing through barriers and through points where you would normally give up. Over the last 7 weeks you’ve had Mars to bring things up to speed, but with Mars gone a lot of the urgency and hype has gone as well. Saturn will help you to make progress by working behind the scenes, putting your shoulder to the wheel and doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. The Moon’s return to your career sector from Wednesday to Friday will sharpen your professional instincts and provide some timely clues and hunches.

Gemini Horoscope SignGemini

With Neptune and Chiron, until now the only planets active in either of your professional houses, both in retrograde motion in your career sector since June, things had been slowing down and you’ve had a chance to almost put things on autopilot. That all changed when Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos returned to your work sector and it’s during his first full week that you’ll find out what a game changing shift this has been. Mars himself is only here for 6 weeks, evoking your passions and your fighting spirit, but the North Node’s return to your work sector on Thursday, ahead of even bigger shifts over the coming months, introduces the element of fate. If that’s not enough to get things moving then Saturday’s Full Moon in your career sector is likely to do the trick.

Cancer Horoscope SignCancer

As you move into the new week the Moon is wrapping up his last visit to your work sector before the North Node leaves on Thursday and before Mercury leaves your income sector on Saturday, making it important to move forward with your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground. The North Node has been in your work sector since March 2011 and while not a cosmic body, this has provided a clear sense of direction as well as a natural current, pulling things in the right direction and towards your full potential. This has also meant that it’s been hard to take your professional hat off. However you won’t lose your professional edge, with Uranus in your career sector, but you’ll find much of what is needed to put things on track has been done, allowing you to relax into the journey itself.

Leo Horoscope SignLeo

With the Moon returning to your work sector on Monday move into the new week with your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground. While the Moon visits your work sector once every 4 weeks, touching base with Pluto, the force that is keeping things on track and keeping you plugged in and connected with the natural currents and anything you need to be aware of, this visit is particularly important. Not only is this the Moon’s last visit to your work sector before Pluto turns direct next month and therefore while the doors to the past are still open, it’s his last before the South Node returns to your career sector on Thursday. While the real turnaround on the work front will come next month, already your professional year is revealing it still has some surprises up its sleeve.

Virgo Horoscope SignVirgo

The timing of the Moon’s visit to your work sector couldn’t be better, coming full circle from a Full Moon earlier in the month on Wednesday and staying on until Friday. As well as giving you a chance to tap back into anything that came to a head in the early days of the month, this means that you’ll have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground as the South Node leaves your career sector on Thursday. Normally when something leaves it creates a loss, but in this case it’s going to be a gain. Since Jupiter returned to your career sector in June the South Node’s position here has held things back, on its mission to clear away the past in order to make way for the new. The South Node is the past and Jupiter is the future, with the past stepping aside to let the future bloom.

Libra Horoscope SignLibra

In her last full week in your career sector Venus is working to engage your heart and as the last planet to move through for the year, she’s creating a strong sense of what you do and don’t want, which has the power to put things on the track you want them to continue on. The Moon’s return to your work sector on Friday and the Full Moon this creates on Saturday will not only bring forces on the work front to a head, but will give Venus’ professional desires and expectations a boost as well. This will be the first Full Moon involving Neptune, planet of dreams in your work sector, in your lifetime and it comes just as Venus and her professional desires are looking for something to hang onto. This could bring things across the professional spectrum to a head or to a tipping or turning point.

Scorpio Horoscope SignScorpio

When the Sun left your career sector last Thursday he wrapped up his month long annual review, leaving you with a much clearer sense of where things stand, what you’ve got to work with and what you’re working toward, but the one thing he didn’t do is wrap things up. Even Mercury, who will leave your career sector on Saturday, wrapping up his own 2 month visit won’t wrap things up, with that job falling to Venus, who won’t even return until later next week. For the majority of the week Mercury will be back on his own in your career sector, making it all about using the intellectual savvy this gives you to think on your feet, to make smart and informed choices, decisions and plans and play your A game. However, it’s important to also keep your mind and your options open.

Sagittarius Horoscope SignSagittarius

As the Sun spends his first full week back in your career sector he’s taking over from where Mars left off 7 years earlier, taking advantage of the barriers already broken through and the progress already made. The Sun will visit your career sector at this time every year, but it’s usually to bring the first planetary activity since this time last year. However, as Mars was here from November 2011 to July 2012 this is anything but a cold start and by the time the South Node returns to your work sector on Thursday and Mercury to your career sector on Saturday, your professional year will be back up to speed. It’s only then that you’ll appreciate the cooling off over the last 7 weeks and the importance of the chance this gave you to let things settle and for you to recharge your batteries.

Capricorn Horoscope SignCapricorn

After Mars’ departure from your career sector last Friday Saturn is spending his first full week back on his own and now less than 6 weeks away from leaving, not to return for another 27 years, he’s on a mission to bring things home. Since first returning to your career sector in October 2009 Saturn has been raising the bar, pushing you out into the limelight and pushing you higher than you thought possible. Saturn does this to create pressure, but it’s the pressure to succeed and an unwillingness to fail. With the challenges of the past behind you and the Sun and Mercury returning next month to help bring things home, it’s time to start tying up loose ends. On the work front things are about to get a boost, with the handbrake coming off on Thursday and the past’s hold on you.

Aquarius Horoscope SignAquarius

As Mars spends his first full week in your career sector, Venus is spending her last full week in your work sector, creating a sense of urgency on both fronts. While things have been stirring on the work front since June and Venus is here to wrap things up for the year, putting things on the track you want them to continue on, Mars is here to open new doors on the career front. It’s Mars’ professional passions and fighting spirit that brings your professional year to life, 2 months before things normally kick off for the year. However, it’s the North Node’s return to your career sector on Thursday that reveals that something special is going on, opening the door to the elements of fate and destiny, as well as unseen forces that are destined to make this anything but a flash in the pan.

Pisces Horoscope SignPisces

While planetary forces have come and gone from your work and career sectors over the last 18 months, the one constant has been the North Node’s position in your career sector. This has been the unseen force responsible for a series of eclipses here since it returned in March 2011 and for keeping things on track, naturally drawing your professional focus in the right direction. As you move into the new week the Moon is just leaving your career sector, having spent the weekend sharpening your professional instincts and as the last visit before the North Node leaves on Thursday, this gives you one last chance to get your professional bearings. When Mercury leaves on Saturday you’ll have a chance to finally take your professional hat off, albeit for 6 days before Venus returns later next week. – Freepsychicnetwork

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