Mother and Daughter Detained After Reportedly Attempting to Murder the Daughter’s Spouse with a Skillet

WSMV / cheatham County

A 62-year-old woman and her 29-year-old daughter were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for allegedly beating the woman’s husband with a cast-iron skillet and knife after he said he wanted a divorce.

Body camera footage shared by WSMV-TV shows a Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office deputy approaching a shirtless man who was “bleeding profusely from the head” and sitting on a neighbor’s porch.

When the deputy asked the man if he was “all right,” the man responded, “I’ve had better days.” The victim told the deputy that he informed his wife he wanted to divorce her, which then caused his wife and daughter to hit him with a frying pan and knife.

He said he and his wife “argued for several hours,” then he went to bed. He alleged they attacked him while he slept, so he ran to his neighbor’s house for safety.

The deputy went to the victim’s home and located the man’s wife and daughter, who were both inside on the floor crying. The deputy said over the radio there was “lots of blood” inside. Both women had suffered lacerations to their arms.

The wife, who WSMV identified as Pam Davis, alleged her husband pushed her. The daughter, Kelly Davis, showed the deputy she had wounds on her back and torso. She claimed her father had “done this before.”

According to the affidavit cited by WSMV, Kelly Davis allegedly hit her father with the skillet and knife while Pam Davis choked him with a belt.

WKRN-TV reports the deputy wrote in the affidavit that “every laceration found on Kelly was superficial/shallow lacerations, even the laceration of her neck.”

The two women were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and booked into the Cheatham County Jail.

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