World’s Most Expensive USB Key

 World’s Most Expensive USB Key

World's Most Expensive USB Key

The house shakes Shawish conventions of luxury by offering its new collection Magic Mushroom and USB on the world’s most expensive.

After launching an all-diamond ring, The House Shawish continue to innovate and lead the luxury where you least expect it, the world of virtual technologies, offering a USB entirely set with precious stones.

A founder and creator of the house Shawish, Mohamed Shawesh, knows how to surprise. It redefines the traditional boundaries of luxury jewelery and he proves it once again. The Magic Mushroom is luxurious box to carry our secret files, our wildest dreams and our highest aspirations.

Presenting the Magic Mushroom, home Shawish said that luxury and high tech form a duo of excellence. Attention to the achievement of these USB drives of 32 GB is the container, such as content, a work of art.

A playful and contemporary world

For Shawesh Mohamed, “The light of gems we all carry in a world where dreams come true. In this, the shape is not trivial. The fungus keeps us in childhood and makes us see the world through eyes of wonder. The link to a USB key, which is today the symbol of youth makes sense. “

A world of perfection

The brothers Shawesh are willing to put the house as Shawish house jeweler first class thanks to the quality of its stones, its manufacturing processes and rigorous care taken in producing each piece.

Technical Details

Keys USB 32 GB each

Diamond Magic Mushroom:

  • White gold
  • 9.18 carats of diamonds
  • 0.46 carat emerald

 Ruby Magic Mushroom:

  • Yellow Gold
  • 0.42 carat diamond
  • 11.34 carat ruby

Sapphire Magic Mushroom:

  • Pink Gold
  • 0.42 carat diamond
  • 11.35 carats of pink sapphire

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