Something Special about World’s Most Expensive House!

world's most expensive house

World’s Most Expensive House

world’s most expensive houseThe home becomes a luxury of its own kind if we equip it with all the things that we dream about and sometimes, it becomes that ultimate fairytale home which is actually a dream of all of us. One such dream home is the world’s most expensive house whose details are right below.

World’s Most Expensive House

The world’s most expensive house is in Switzerland which costs around $12.2 billion, simply WOW! This home, which is the world’s most expensive house, is a marvel of modern day technology that keeps you connected with nature through its breath-taking views on all of its four sides.

Tones of gold, platinum, silver, precious metals, best wooden materials and a lot more has been used in order to create this world’s most expensive house and it is not only expensive but unique in its own sense and structure. According to an estimate, more than 200,000 kilograms of precious metals have been used in order to carve out the uniqueness to this home and bring out the ultimate charm and charisma of the world’s most expensive house.

This amazing home has some remains of dinosaurs too. Yes! The world’s most expensive house has shavings of original dinosaur bone in its bar which dates back some 65 million years ago. Moreover, the shavings are also used in the making of the floors of the world’s most expensive house too.

If we look at the regular features of the world’s most expensive house then it is a perfectly comfortable house with eight spacious bedrooms, a garage and a wine cellar. The world’s most expensive house indeed has a lot of warmth and coziness for the family members just like a typical family home.

For the builders, it took good five and a half years to complete the world’s most expensive house and build it to perfection that no one has ever seen before. It’s wonderful patios, lawns and outside sitting areas are surely a treat to have one of the most relaxing evenings at home.

World’s most expensive house till now, the location is not disclosed that in which part of Switzerland it is exactly due to security reasons but once it is done will all the final touching; it will be up for sale. Let’s see who is going to be the lucky one to get world’s most expensive house and make it their family home and an ultimate place of dreams soon.

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