Mom horribly attacked the woman by stabbing her in the throat, forcing her to eat through a tube

(Image: Teeside Live)

A mother was sentenced to jail for a gruesome attack where she thrust a knife into another woman’s throat on a bustling street. Savanna Hawkes, aged 27, along with her partner Daniel Fenwick, 28, found themselves homeless and living rough on the streets when the violent incident unfolded in Stockton, County Durham on July 21 of the preceding year.

Shockingly, the assault took place in broad daylight, witnessed by a crowd of onlookers as blood gushed from the victim’s neck onto the pavement. The court heard that before the attack, the victim was strolling along Hartington Road with her partner. CCTV footage captured the moment when Hawkes engaged in a heated argument with the victim before swiftly brandishing a sharp object from her pocket, subsequently identified as a kitchen knife, and stabbing the woman, told Daily Record.

Meanwhile, Fenwick became embroiled in a scuffle with the victim’s partner. Interestingly, it was revealed in court that Hawkes is the step-daughter of the victim’s partner, adding another layer of complexity to the disturbing incident. Following the assault, the victim was rushed to the hospital where medical professionals stitched up the wound on her neck, which had caused serious damage to her throat requiring internal stitches and necessitating feeding through a nasal tube.

She was left with visible and extensive scarring, as recounted in her statement read to the court, expressing her profound trauma and ongoing fear for her safety. Both Hawkes and Fenwick were apprehended and subjected to police questioning. Initially, Hawkes denied her involvement despite clear CCTV evidence implicating her. Fenwick’s callous response upon learning the severity of the injuries inflicted, coupled with his derogatory remarks toward witnesses, underscored the callousness of their actions.

During the court proceedings, it was disclosed that Hawkes had also assaulted emergency workers on two separate occasions. In one instance, she exhibited aggressive behavior while intoxicated, culminating in spitting directly into an officer’s eye, an act described by the officer as deeply repugnant given the risk of infection.

In mitigation, Hawkes’ legal counsel cited personal struggles leading to a mental breakdown exacerbated by drug use. Despite her initial reluctance, she embraced the sentencing as an opportunity for rehabilitation, signaling a commitment to turn her life around.

Ultimately, Judge Richard Thomas handed down a six-year prison sentence to Hawkes, acknowledging the severity of her actions and the profound impact on the victim. Fenwick, on the other hand, received a two-year community order with stringent conditions including participation in a drug rehabilitation program and cognitive behavioral therapy. The sentencing reflected the court’s recognition of the need for both accountability and rehabilitation in addressing the complexities of the case.

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