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The Controversial Diet Everyone’s Talking About

weight loss foods

weight loss foods

About Controversial Diet:

‘Dieting’ or eating a certain way is very difficult for some people, who are desperate to lose weight. However, there are several controversial diet plans which are helping people to get rid of heavy body weight, and to fulfill their latest diet craze. Let’s talk about some of the most controversial diet everyone’s talking about:

• Alternate Day Fasting

One of the most talked about controversial diet of 2013 is ‘Alternate Day Fasting’, a weight loss approach that involves a 24 hours cycle of eating normal amounts of food i.e. 2000 calories, followed by next 24 hours of serious calorie restriction, with no more than 500 calories on fasting days. Many people consider this half-time-eating and half-time-fasting a controversial diet plan, as they think that fasting is terrible for human body, mind and metabolism. Another think of this controversial diet as a psychological damage to your relationship with food, as your blood sugar levels balance out during fasting.

• HCG Diet

The second most controversial diet is HCG diet. HCG diet approach revolves around ‘HCG hormone’ that is produced during pregnancy, and is helpful in reducing weight. Using this approach, the HCG hormone is combined with extreme near-starvation diet to mobilize fat and prevent hunger. Again it is considered a controversial diet plan, as it could lead to serious health risks like vitamins and minerals deficiencies. In addition, HCG controversial diet plan follows a 500 calories diet rule for few weeks which is simply not enough food calories to maintain an individual’s nutrition.

• Paleo Diet

Another highly controversial diet is considered to be the Paleo diet or ‘the caveman diet’. The Paleo diet promotes only eating foods that existed prior to the agricultural revolution. These foods include fresh meats, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and healthful oils. This controversial diet plan prevents usage of dairy products. However, according to some health experts, Paleo diet can put you at risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. Another think of this controversial diet highly wrong, as eliminating processed foods, beans, grains and sugar from the diet is not good for overall health.

• Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is also a controversial diet plan, as there are several different ideologies about it. It is low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet plan, which can help to lose weight. Under this multi-phased program, intake of carbohydrates is decreased to less than 40 grams per day, with high protein intake. As a result, our body starts burning fats efficiently. However, this controversial diet can adversely affect calcium levels in the body. In addition, most Atkins dieters experience constipation, halitosis and sometimes dehydration.

• Vegan Diet

Another controversial diet plan is Vegan diet. It recommends the usage of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts and seeds. While non-vegetarian products like meat, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs are not the part of this diet plan. People consider it a controversial diet as vegan diets do not contain Vitamin B12, and may be low in Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin D. Another reason of considering vegan diet a controversial diet is its poor quality proteins. Vegetarian proteins do not nourish the body well as does the meat, eggs and dairy products.

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