“If We Take Off Now, the Children Will Not Make It” Distressed Passengers Swelter in 50°C Heat on Faulty Plane

 “If We Take Off Now, the Children Will Not Make It” Distressed Passengers Swelter in 50°C Heat on Faulty Plane

(Image: Newsflash)

Distressed holidaymakers were left sweltering onboard a plane as an air conditioning failure saw temperatures skyrocket into the 50s. The trapped passengers began fearing for their lives onboard the Boeing 737-800, with one doctor on board shouting: “If we take off now, the children will not make it.” They were on a Mavi Gök Airlines flight from Antalya, Turkey, to Munster, Germany, on June 6 when the drama unfolded.

Dominik Janssen, from Leer in Lower Saxony, who was traveling with his family back home after a break in Turkey, told German media: “When we got on, we immediately noticed how hot it was in the plane”, told Daily Mail.

His wife Nancy said she helped a five-month-old baby, fanning the infant in a bid to keep the tot cool. Dominik added, “The children were getting louder and louder, everyone’s water was running. The situation was very precarious. A father and a woman were scared to death for their children. The panic spread to everyone.”

According to the passengers, there was little help from the crew as temperatures hit a staggering 52°C. Instead, flight preparations continued, and the Boeing rolled towards the runway. A Turkish-speaking doctor addressed the crew with a dramatic appeal, Nancy recalled: “He said that if we take off now, the children will not survive.”

The pilot eventually returned to the terminal at the airport, but things hardly improved there either. Dominik said, “The airline offered no help whatsoever.” They reportedly did not even hand out any water.

In a statement, Mavi Gök Airlines said, “The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is our highest priority.” The airline also promised to work with the relevant authorities to prevent such incidents in the future.

This incident highlights the critical importance of functioning air conditioning systems on aircraft, especially during hot weather. The distress and fear experienced by the passengers underscore the urgent need for airlines to ensure the comfort and safety of their passengers. As temperatures continue to rise globally, airlines must prioritize effective climate control measures to prevent similar dangerous situations from occurring.

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