5-Year-Old Boy Born Without Left Hand Receives ‘Iron Man’ Arm & His Reaction Is Priceless

 5-Year-Old Boy Born Without Left Hand Receives ‘Iron Man’ Arm & His Reaction Is Priceless

New York Post/YouTube

Jordan Marotta, a five-year-old from Long Island born without a left hand, achieved superhero status this week by becoming the youngest-ever recipient of a sophisticated bionic arm, customized in ‘Iron Man’ red and gold at his request. The momentous occasion was marked with jubilation as Jordan joyously waved for taxis while strolling through Manhattan, his mother, Ashley Marotta, 38, recounted to The Post.

The significant journey to Open Bionics’ Park Avenue office was a dream come true for Jordan and his family. At the office, Jordan was fitted with his ‘hero arm,’ a device typically reserved for older children but made available to him due to his advanced physical and emotional maturity.

Daniel Green, a certified prosthetist and orthotist at Open Bionics, explained that Jordan’s prosthetic is designed to seamlessly attach to what the family affectionately refers to as his “nubby.” The arm operates on a 14-hour rechargeable battery and utilizes electrodes and sensors to detect muscle contractions, enabling natural-like hand movements.

Despite the challenges, Jordan has led a remarkably normal childhood, participating in Little League and excelling in karate. However, the realization of his difference had recently begun to affect him more deeply, prompting emotional conversations about his physical condition with his mother.

The new prosthetic arm marks a turning point for Jordan, bringing a renewed sense of excitement and confidence. His first stop after receiving the arm was his school, where he proudly showcased the bionic limb to classmates. The day continued with joyrides on his scooter, visits to his grandparents, and a celebratory trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

Ashley Marotta reflected on the profound impact of the bionic arm, noting Jordan’s newfound confidence and the positive shift in his self-perception. This technological marvel not only enhances Jordan’s physical capabilities but also enriches his childhood with a deeper sense of normalcy and adventure.

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