Whoopi Goldberg Challenges Co-Hosts on The View During Jennifer Lopez’s Dance Request Segment

 Whoopi Goldberg Challenges Co-Hosts on The View During Jennifer Lopez’s Dance Request Segment


Whoopi Goldberg held nothing back during a recent episode of “The View” when she called out her co-hosts for their reluctance to participate in a viral dance challenge proposed by their guest, Jennifer Lopez. Lopez, who was on the show to promote her new film “This Is Me… Now: A Love Story” along with its accompanying documentary and album, had a specific request for the hosts: to join in on a new TikTok dance craze set to her song “Can’t Get Enough.”

During the segment, only co-host Sara Haines stepped up to the challenge, performing the dance in a video clip introduced by Alyssa Farah Griffin. Griffin pointed out that Haines was the sole brave soul among them who dared to dance. Meanwhile, Goldberg humorously interjected from the sidelines, noting that she hadn’t been asked to participate, clearly feeling left out of the fun, told Decider.

Following Haines’ dance, Lopez applauded her effort, praising her with a warm “Nice job.” Goldberg, however, couldn’t resist expressing her feelings of exclusion once more, albeit in her characteristic dry manner, which led to a light-hearted exchange with Haines about getting their time in the spotlight.

Post-commercial, without Lopez on set, Goldberg shifted gears and directly addressed why the other co-hosts hadn’t joined in the dance. Sunny Hostin claimed she knew the moves but simply didn’t feel like dancing, while Ana Navarro and Griffin offered their own reasons for opting out. Navarro humorously remarked that not enough margaritas in the world would get her dancing, and Griffin admitted to trying unsuccessfully for an hour and a half, blaming her “two left feet.”


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The conversation took a playful turn when Goldberg queried producer Brian Teta on why he hadn’t invited her to participate in the dance challenge. Teta’s response, that Goldberg “charges extra” for such requests, drew laughter from the audience and co-hosts alike.

The banter continued with Hostin encouraging Goldberg, asserting that she could have participated if she wanted. Goldberg confidently responded, acknowledging her capability and jokingly suggesting she might have outshined everyone else had she taken part.

This lighthearted segment highlighted the camaraderie and dynamic among “The View” co-hosts, as well as their willingness to engage in playful, on-air banter. Goldberg’s role as a moderator shone through as she skillfully balanced humor with leadership, ensuring the show remained engaging and lively. Such moments underscore why “The View” continues to be a staple of daytime television, offering viewers not only discussions on serious topics but also entertaining interactions among its hosts. The show airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC, where audiences can tune in for more engaging discussions and fun-filled segments.

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