Concerns Grow for Tiger Woods After Groggy Appearance at Charity Event

 Concerns Grow for Tiger Woods After Groggy Appearance at Charity Event

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Tiger Woods, one of the most iconic names in sports, has sparked concern among fans following a recent video circulating on social media. The video, taken at his TGR Foundation’s charity poker event in Las Vegas on May 31, shows Woods appearing swollen and somewhat groggy as he stumbles over his words while speaking with professional poker player Phil Hellmuth and Twitch streamer Ninja.

When asked about his favorite moment from the TGR Foundation event, Woods shared, “I think it’s the stories that the kids come back and tell—the first generation to ever go to college. Parents said you’d never go to college, grandparents say you’d never go to college, it’s useless. All of a sudden, they’re in college flourishing, going to Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and Yale, going to amazing places doing amazing things. One of our girls … she’s one of the directors who landed one of the rovers on Mars.”

“Tiger is absolutely sauced talking about Mars lmao. This is the duo we need right here,” a social media user suggested. Another user echoed similar sentiments, saying, “Tiger looks so sauced!!”

“Can we be real for a second here? Is there nobody close enough to him in his camp who can step in and get him some real help? Somebody in his family? Anyone?” a golf commentary account wrote on X. “No one wants to see him like this. It sucks.”

The video elicited mixed reactions from fans, with one remarking, “That was freaking awesome. Man, Tiger looked old for the first time to me. But he looks like a cool guy to hang out with.”

The footage also featured popular gamer Ninja engaging in a light-hearted exchange about golfing woes, with Woods humorously concluding that watching Ninja play golf was “boring.” Hellmuth highlighted that they all were adept at friendly trash-talking with Woods, a report obtained by ESPN

This isn’t the first time Woods’ appearance has raised eyebrows. In 2017, the 15-time major winner was arrested on suspicion of DUI charges near his Florida home. Woods was found asleep in his car, which was running while parked in a traffic lane. At the time of his arrest, he exhibited “extremely slow and slurred speech,” but police later confirmed that prescription drugs, not alcohol, were detected in his system. Woods subsequently pleaded guilty to reckless driving.

Throughout his illustrious career, Woods has battled numerous physical issues, with a 2021 single-vehicle crash causing a significant setback. Prior to the crash, he had dealt with persistent back pain and even underwent rehab in Arizona in 2010. Since the crash, Woods has undergone several surgeries and has participated in only a limited number of golf tournaments, according to the New York Post.

As fans express their concerns over his recent appearance, Woods’ health and well-being remain in the spotlight, highlighting the physical and emotional toll of his long and storied career.

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