The Latest from the Entertainment World

 The Latest from the Entertainment World

entertainment newsWhether we admit it or not, we need to know what the celebs are upto in the entertainment industry. So for those who live for entertainment news, here’s a round up of the latest celebrity entertainment news to hit this week.

In entertainment news, the parents of missing “Growing Pains” star Andrew Koenig left the studio right before their interview on the entertainment show, Larry King Live. Apparently, the parents did not appreciate being moved back into a later slot on the entertainment show and they felt it was disrespectful. The next day Andrew’s body was found but cause of death wont be known yet due to the sensitivity of situation.

Celebrity entertainment news sees Janice Dickinson searching for a toy boy. The entertainment industry won’t get a boost out of this new proposed entertainment television show, as all others have flopped yet she’s getting a dating show to find herself a new man. Janice will get her own entertainment show in the style of the “Bachelorette”!

Other celebrity entertainment news follows Cameron Douglas who will be hauled up behind bars until he’s sentenced for drug charges as he was denied bail this month by a judge. Cameron, son of entertainment actor Michael Douglas, has been in jail since last year, when his girlfriend smuggled him heroin while he was under house arrest awaiting trial. Silly people!

Moving on, the entertainment industry saw a performance that can only be described as rocky! Whitney Houston, once an entertainment Diva, attempted to sing “I Will Always Love You” during a concert, in Australia. The entertainment singer was covered in sweat during her performance and just as she is about to hit that high note, she abruptly turns and takes a huge amount of time coming back!

In other celebrity entertainment news, Brittany Murphy apparently obtained a prescription for 120 Vicodin pills 11 days before her death and the day she died there were only 11 pills left in the bottle! Perhaps the entertainment industry had taken its toll on little Brittany, but the question of the missing pills and missing Doctor remains.

That’s all the entertainment news about our celebrities, from the entertainment industry, for this week.

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