Kim Kardashian follows in Bianca Censori’s footsteps with sheer outfit

Bianca Censori
Mega Agency; Getty Images

In a move that seems inspired by Bianca Censori, Kim Kardashian recently captivated her audience with a daring fashion choice during her visit to Paris. Emulating the style of Bianca, who is known for her bold outfits and is currently married to Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West, Kim stepped out in a sheer bodysuit that turned heads.

The reality TV star and entrepreneur behind the successful brand SKIMS chose to pair her bodysuit with a long, elegant black Balenciaga coat as she made her exit from the Ritz Hotel in the heart of Paris on a bustling Monday.

The fashion-forward Kardashian carefully held her coat close to her chest, ensuring it gracefully swept the floor as she walked. Her choice of accessories included chic round black sunglasses, adding an air of mystery to her look. Kim also opted for a sleek ponytail, which complemented her overall ensemble, showcasing her knack for blending style with sophistication, told The Sun.

The screenshot read “Back in Cali,” followed by “Are you in California or the States.” When Mikaela said “Yes why?,” Ye replied, “Wanted to see if you wanted to hang and listen to the new album.”

Bianca Censori, who is also known for her work as an architect with Yeezy, Kanye West’s brand, has often been spotted in minimalistic yet bold attire during her public appearances with Kanye. This has led to some controversy, with critics suggesting that Kanye may have a significant influence over Bianca’s fashion choices. Kim’s recent outfit choice in Paris could be seen as a nod to Bianca’s style, further blurring the lines between their fashion sensibilities.

Adding to the whirlwind of events surrounding the Kardashian-West circle, Kim’s appearance in Paris comes at a time when her ex-husband Kanye, also known as Ye, finds himself embroiled in controversy. Recent allegations have surfaced involving professional boxer Bryce Hall, who claims that Kanye has been attempting to communicate inappropriately with his girlfriend, Mikaela Lafuente.

Hall went as far as to share screenshots of the alleged messages from Kanye on social media, stirring up more drama. With a caption that read, “Kanye is sliding on my girlfriend.. someone tells Kim,” it’s clear that the saga involving the Kardashians and Wests continues to captivate and entangle public interest.

As the boundaries between personal and public life continue to blur for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, their fashion choices, personal relationships, and controversies remain at the forefront of public discourse. Whether through daring fashion statements or tumultuous personal lives, the intrigue surrounding these figures shows no signs of waning.

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