“It’s Over for Him” Kanye West Faces Global Backlash, Eyes Russia for Comeback Show

 “It’s Over for Him” Kanye West Faces Global Backlash, Eyes Russia for Comeback Show


Kanye West’s struggle to secure live performance venues has reached a critical point as he now targets Russia for his comeback, amidst growing international backlash. After his latest album “Vultures” and several unsuccessful attempts to book venues in South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia, the rapper’s career seems to be hitting a new low.

His decision to potentially perform in Russia, following a series of professional setbacks and controversial remarks, has stirred significant controversy. An industry veteran expressed concern to The US Sun, stating, “This idea is so desperate.” He further highlighted the potential repercussions, “If he can do a show in Russia, it’s over for him in many European countries…

If he plays in Russia and even goes to Hungary and Serbia for some concerts, people are going to take that as a massive insult…Many European countries can ban him from performing there.” Reports suggest that West’s team has been in contact with pro-Putin officials in Serbia and Hungary, raising alarms about his long-term career viability in Europe. “Kanye has to get it together and think long term because if that show happens next month, he won’t be able even to enter some of the countries that have cut ties with Putin,” warned an insider.

As per the Daily Beast, West’s career has been tumultuous following his anti-Semitic remarks in 2022, leading to severed ties with major brands and labels like Adidas, Vogue, Gap, Universal Music, and Balenciaga. He issued an apology last December for his incendiary comments on social media.

The Kremlin-friendly Mash Telegram channel initially announced West’s concert plans, claiming a contract was signed for a performance on his birthday, June 8, at a major stadium. However, venue representatives quickly denied these claims. The concert’s collapse was reportedly due to West’s demand for a $5 million fee, which no party was willing to meet.

Amidst these rumors, Yana Rudkovskaya, a prominent producer implicated in the speculation, clarified the situation. While denying claims that West would attend her birthday event, she confirmed, “He will indeed come to Russia, but in the autumn, not in the summer. I am involved in this.”

Adding to the controversy, Putin ally Ekaterina Mizulina, head of the pro-Kremlin Safe Internet League, expressed disdain for West’s potential visit, stating, “We don’t need any Kanye West with his naked woman.”

Previously, West had envisioned a series of concerts at some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, including the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the Taj Mahal. However, these ambitious plans now appear to be indefinitely on hold as he navigates through the fallout of his recent actions and statements.

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