Gayle King addresses Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone exit decision

 Gayle King addresses Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone exit decision


Kevin Costner recently responded to Gayle King’s comment about his ongoing feud with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. In a new interview on CBS Mornings, Gayle King directly asked Kevin, “People say because of Horizon, it caused problems for you on Yellowstone.”

Costner, known for his directness, didn’t shy away from the topic. He explained, “That’s a bit of an oversimplification. There were a lot of factors at play. Yes, Horizon is a significant project for me, but it wasn’t the sole reason for any issues.”

He elaborated, “When you’re working on something as intense as Yellowstone, with the level of detail and commitment it requires, scheduling conflicts are bound to happen. Horizon did contribute to some of those conflicts, but it wasn’t the main source of tension.”

“People say this about the two of you: both big egos, both very powerful, both at the top of their game and that right now, maybe you two are playing a game of whose is bigger? Do you see it that way? Whose is bigger, Kevin?” questioned Gayle.

To this, Kevin replied, “I love the show. I loved the show before anybody. It was Taylor and myself. The truth never changes – that love was really strong.” “The idea of going back – I would do that in a second if I felt that it was… If it was something that I could do, wanted to do, I would make it fit,” stated The Bodyguard actor.

However, Gayle asked, “If it’s not that hard, why can’t the two of you (Taylor and Kevin) be able to work it out?” “This isn’t therapy, Gayle, I mean we’re not gonna discuss this on the show,” declared Kevin. Meanwhile, the actor added, “I have conducted my life in a pretty straightforward way and never missed any obligations in my entire career.”

Costner emphasized his dedication to both projects. “I’ve always been passionate about the stories I tell, whether it’s on the big screen or the small screen. Horizon is a dream project of mine, something I’ve been working on for years. But Yellowstone has also been a significant part of my career, and I’ve given it my all.”

Regarding his relationship with Sheridan, Costner acknowledged that creative differences are part of the industry. “Taylor and I have had our disagreements, but that’s not uncommon in this business. It’s part of the creative process. We both care deeply about the work we do, and sometimes that leads to conflicts.”

He continued, “What’s important is the final product, and I think Yellowstone speaks for itself. It’s a testament to the hard work of everyone involved, from the writers to the cast to the crew.”

Gayle King’s interview provided a rare glimpse into the complexities behind the scenes of one of television’s most popular series. Costner’s candid responses highlighted the challenges of balancing multiple high-stakes projects and the inevitable clashes that come with strong creative visions.

As fans eagerly await the next developments in Yellowstone, Costner’s comments have shed light on the dedication and passion that fuel the show’s success. His commitment to both Horizon and Yellowstone underscores his status as a versatile and hardworking actor, navigating the demands of a dynamic and often unpredictable industry.

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