Brad Pitt Talks Family Life to the Hollywood Reporter

Brad Pitt

Brad PittRunning for Best Actor Oscar award for performing in “Moneyball”, Brad Pitt gets on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter and shares his family life in interview.

Hollywood actor Brad Pit talked about the drug use and depression of his smoke filled days with THR magazine. He gave an in-depth interview narrating his knee injury:

“I think George went down the line, making things up. I was just walking in our backyard, on a hill, carrying my daughter, and I slipped — and it was those parental instincts: me or her. And she’s fine.”

“I got really sick of myself at the end of the 1990s: I was hiding out from the celebrity thing; I was smoking way too much dope”, he told about the days of depression.

Lastly, Brad Pitt talked about getting married to partner Angelina Jolie as they both are more concerned for kids.

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