‘Black People Emerged Suddenly’ Whoopi Goldberg Debuts Folding Chair Pendant on “The View” in Nod to Alabama Riverfront Melee

Whoopi Goldberg
(Image via Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty Images)

Upon her return to “The View” post-COVID-19 isolation on September 11, Whoopi Goldberg sported a unique folding chair pendant—a symbolic nod to the August 5 brawl at Riverfront Park, Montgomery, Alabama.

Goldberg stressed the show’s stance against violence and then elaborated on the Montgomery incident. A Black riverboat co-captain confronted white individuals on a pontoon boat obstructing the riverboat’s docking space. This conflict unraveled at the historic site where enslaved Americans were once unloaded after their transport via the Alabama River.

Detailing the incident, Goldberg remarked, “We do not condone violence. Yet, what unfolded in Montgomery last month, when a riverboat captain with 227 passengers attempted to dock, was something we hadn’t seen before.”

The segment proceeded with footage of the brawl, highlighting the moment the co-captain signaled distress, to which co-host Sunni Hostin responded, “That’s the bat signal.”

Emphasizing the unity displayed by the Black community during the altercation, Goldberg noted the swift intervention by many, including a man who swam to the site. Reflecting on the incident, she humorously pointed out her folding chair pendant—a reference to a weapon used in the brawl. Hostin mentioned the debates surrounding the chair’s use, emphasizing the relief that no firearms were involved, and hence, no fatalities.

Concluding the segment, Goldberg said, “While we can find humor in it, we must recognize the seriousness of the situation and avoid such confrontations.”

Actor Marlon Wayans also commented on the incident but faced backlash for seemingly criticizing those who defended the co-captain. His post urged peace over conflict, emphasizing “Let’s all just be love NOT war.”

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