Tom Brady hit the beach with Gisele Bündchen’s kids after the roast controversy

 Tom Brady hit the beach with Gisele Bündchen’s kids after the roast controversy

Charles Sykes/AP Images

Tom Brady is diving into summer fun with his kids, showing the world that family time is his current priority. The retired NFL superstar shared a lively Instagram video on Monday, featuring moments of joy with his children, Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11, whom he shares with his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. The 46-year-old father showcased a series of water activities, including driving a speedboat, jet-skiing, and wakeboarding, with his kids enthusiastically participating.

The video comes on the heels of “The Roast of Tom Brady” on Netflix, which attracted attention not just for its humor but for the discomfort it caused, particularly jokes about Brady’s personal life. In the roast, several jabs were made that Brady felt went too far, especially those targeting his family and past relationships.

“You guys okay if we get summer started? Hope everyone is having a great MDW!,” he captioned the clip, which had Post Malone and Morgan Wallen’s I Had Some Help playing in the background. “I loved when the jokes were about me,” he confessed on The Pivot podcast. “I thought they were so fun. I didn’t like the way that affected my kids.”

Brady, a celebrated Super Bowl champion, expressed his concerns about the special’s impact on his family. He specifically noted his discomfort with how the content affected his children, highlighting his protective instinct as a father. Despite the controversy, Brady’s recent social media posts reflect his attempt to focus on quality time with his children, creating happy memories in the midst of public scrutiny.

This balancing act between his public persona and private life as a father underscores the complexities of celebrity. While Brady is accustomed to media attention in his professional life, the roast’s reach into his personal affairs brought an unwelcome spotlight on his family, particularly affecting his children.

The clip not only served as a glimpse into Brady’s active lifestyle but also as a statement of his priorities — family unity and the well-being of his children after his public career. As Brady navigates this new chapter, the emphasis remains on his role as a father, enjoying the summer and making the most out of the time with his kids away from the football field and public controversies.

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