“81% of Black Men are in the Democratic Party” Sunny Hostin Debunks Trump Support Among Black Voters

 “81% of Black Men are in the Democratic Party” Sunny Hostin Debunks Trump Support Among Black Voters

photo: Credit: ABC

During a recent episode of The View, co-host Sunny Hostin addressed the narrative that Black men are leaning toward supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 elections. Hostin, a seasoned American lawyer and journalist, clarified the statistics for the audience, stating, “81% of Black men, 81%, are in the Democratic Party. So I don’t want to hear anymore that Black men are voting for Trump.” This assertion comes amidst various polls suggesting a shift in political allegiances.

Hostin emphasized the anticipated support from the Black community for Democratic incumbent Joe Biden, saying, “Black women resoundingly will show up for Biden, and they’re going to bring their sons, they’re going to bring their grandsons, they’re going to bring their husbands and the Black vote will turn out for President Biden,” as reported by Fox News.

The discussion took a turn when co-host Sara Haines highlighted the changing dynamics, noting that while Biden secured 92% of the Black vote in 2020, recent surveys show a decline. Citing a May Pew Research survey, Haines pointed out that Biden’s support among Black Americans has dropped to 77%, with approval ratings slipping from 87% in March 2021 to 55%.

Haines also brought up economic concerns, which are paramount to many voters, “Among Black voters in polls, like every other American, they’re concerned with the economy, so when you look at Donald Trump, what you have to break down is Donald Trump tanked the economy in 2020 partially due to a pandemic, but he exacerbated the damage of that economic hit because of the way he politicized it and the way he handled pandemic.”

Despite the economic discussions, Hostin and her co-hosts remained skeptical of the polls’ ability to fully capture voter sentiment. Whoopi Goldberg dismissed the smaller-scale polls, arguing that a survey of only 1,000 people could not represent the broader American populace, as per ABC News.

Amidst these discussions, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been actively engaging with Black voters. At a recent rally in Philadelphia, Biden expressed his gratitude towards the Black community for their pivotal role in his administration’s success. “Because Black Americans voted, Kamala and I are president and vice president of the United States,” he said. “Because of you. That’s not hyperbole.”

In his speech, Biden focused on his administration’s achievements like low unemployment rates, reduced prescription drug costs, and student debt forgiveness, rallying support for the upcoming election with a call to action: “With your vote in 2024, we’re gonna make Donald Trump a loser again,” he declared to an enthusiastic crowd at Girard College.

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