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Selena Gomez Wants Footage Deleted

Selena Gomez Wants Footage Deleted

Selena Gomez Wants Footage DeletedSelena Gomez has ordered Justin Bieber to remove all footage of her from his upcoming documentary. The ‘Spring Breakers’ actress – who split from the 19-year-old Canadian popstar earlier this year after two years – is worried he will include her in the sequel to his hugely successful 3D movie ‘Never Say Never‘, which is expected to be released around Christmas.

A source that the 20-year-old brunette beauty “texted Justin, flipping out” when a friend told her she is likely to be featured because his team has been recording footage for about a year. The insider claimed that Selena “just wants to move on” and “she made it clear that she does not want to be in the movie, DVD extras or anything at all.”

A friend close to Selena also hit back at reports blaming her for Justin’s recent bad behaviour and insisted she hasn’t been sending him mixed messages by texting him on a regular basis. The source said: “[Justin] just bugs the s*** out of [Selena] and the only reason she picks up her phone is because it’s easier than dealing with harassment.

“It’s so typical that a man would blame a woman for the fact that he’s ruining his life and it’s sexist stupidity.” – Femalefirst

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