Nicole Kidman Disappointed by Keith Urban’s Latest Social Media Post Amid Personal Struggles

 Nicole Kidman Disappointed by Keith Urban’s Latest Social Media Post Amid Personal Struggles

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Nicole Kidman is reportedly upset over a recent social media post by her husband, country music star Keith Urban. Urban shared a video performing an acoustic cover of Ariana Grande’s hit single “We Can’t Be Friends” at a small concert, which seems to have stirred emotions within the couple’s relationship.

A source close to the couple, who share two daughters, told the media that Kidman and Urban have faced significant challenges together, particularly related to Urban’s past struggles with addiction. The emotional weight of these experiences appears to have resurfaced following Urban’s latest public performance.

Later, speaking to PEOPLE, Keith revealed, “I don’t know what is going on with that song, but I cannot stop playing it. It’s like audible heroin. Literally, I have to have another hit,” “I play that thing over and over and over,” remarked the 56-year-old.

After Keith’s interview, a source close to the actress spilled to Woman’s Day magazine, “Nicole would never ask him to take down a post but she was disappointed.” “It brought back a very dark time for them when they almost split, but worse than that is she doesn’t want her kids to start thinking it’s cool or OK or something you can easily ‘fix’,” explained an insider.

In a detailed recount from the book Keith Urban by Jeff Apter, Urban’s journey through addiction and recovery is highlighted, including a poignant moment when Kidman intervened. This intervention was a turning point for Urban, who has openly expressed his gratitude towards Kidman for her decisive actions during a critical period of his life.

In a candid 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Urban reflected on his tumultuous first year of marriage to Kidman, marked by a stint in rehab in 2006. He acknowledged the strain his addiction placed on their relationship and admitted that he would have understood if Kidman had decided to leave him during that difficult time.

Urban praised Kidman’s courage and support during his recovery, saying, “I was very, very blessed to have Nic call an intervention on me.” This statement underscores the depth of their personal trials and the strength of their bond in overcoming them.

The recent social media post seems to have reopened old wounds for Kidman, signaling ongoing sensitivities around Urban’s public expressions related to themes of loss and separation. The couple’s journey through addiction and recovery highlights the complex dynamics within their marriage and the continual impact of those experiences on their relationship today.

As they navigate these public and private challenges, the resilience of their partnership remains evident, with Kidman’s initial intervention playing a crucial role in Urban’s path to sobriety and their sustained efforts to maintain a supportive and understanding relationship.

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