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Miley Cyrus: Smoking Is Better Than Alcohol

Miley Cyrus Smile

Miley Cyrus SmileMiley Cyrus prefers smoking marijuana to drinking alcohol. The ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer – who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth – enjoys consuming the drug because she doesn’t experience any adverse effects. She explained: “When I smoke, I don’t get that sick feeling I get when I drink, or that anger rising up. There’s a reason Bob Marley was like some kind of Rasta Mother Teresa.”

Miley has few female friends because she finds girls “catty and fake” and enjoys being in the company of guys. She told Style magazine: “Kelly Osbourne is the best to have on your side but girls are so catty. I’m not good at being fake, and girls are so good at acting, especially girls in LA, because they are actresses.”

The 20-year-old star’s relationship has been the subject of much speculation and while Miley wants to have children with Liam, she insists she won’t be ready to start a family for some time as she wants to be prepared for every eventuality.

She said: “I love being young and living my life. I want time to get mentally really strong. I love my partner but at the end of the day, if it ends up just me, I want to know who I am, so I can be a good parent on my own.” –

Via: Femalefirst

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