“It’s Always a Work in Progress” Jessica Biel on Managing Long-Distance Relationship During Justin Timberlake’s Tour

 “It’s Always a Work in Progress” Jessica Biel on Managing Long-Distance Relationship During Justin Timberlake’s Tour

(Matt Winkelmeyer)

Jessica Biel recently shared her thoughts on managing a long-distance relationship with her husband, Justin Timberlake, who is currently on his worldwide “Forget Tomorrow” tour. During an appearance on “The View,” Biel was asked about how she and Timberlake plan to navigate their time apart over the summer.

“You know, it’s always a work in progress, right? It’s constantly trying to find the balance, trying to find the time when we can connect. Thank goodness for Zoom and Facetime. For traveling families — well, for everybody really — but for parents who are gone a lot, that’s been really helpful,” Biel explained. Despite her positive outlook, she admitted to the challenges ahead, saying, “I don’t know how we’re gonna do it, but we’re gonna get through it, somehow, someway.”

This tour comes after Timberlake’s public display of affection (PDA) issue with his “Palmer” co-star Alisha Wainwright in 2019, which raised questions about the stability of his marriage. However, an insider assured that Timberlake would not have embarked on the tour if his relationship with Biel was not in a “Better Place.” The source told Life & Style, “There were some very trying times, but they put in the work and came out of it stronger than ever. Justin has proven himself.

He’s earned Jessica’s trust and become a better man, husband, and father [to their sons, Silas, 9, and Phineas, 3].” In a related incident that underscores Timberlake’s attentiveness even while on tour, he recently paused a concert at the Moody Center on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin to assist a fan who needed medical attention. Timberlake stopped the performance, requested the house lights to be turned on, and called for help, as captured in a video obtained by TMZ.

“Please excuse everyone, I’ll be right back,” he announced during the incident. “We need some assistance right here, about five rows back.”After the situation was resolved, and the fans returned to their seat, Timberlake was seen interacting directly with the audience to ensure everything was okay, confirming, “Are we OK? No, no problem! OK, we’re OK.” This moment of concern added a personal touch to his performance, highlighting his care for his fans.

As Timberlake continues his tour and Biel manages the home front, their efforts to maintain their relationship and family dynamics despite the physical distance speak volumes about their commitment to each other. Biel’s candid discussion about the challenges they face and the technologies that help bridge the gap offers a glimpse into the realities of managing a relationship under the public eye.

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