“Cordial, Not Close” Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Latest Public Appearance Sparks Divorce Rumors

 “Cordial, Not Close” Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Latest Public Appearance Sparks Divorce Rumors

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage appears to be going through a rocky phase, with recent public sightings and cancellations adding fuel to ongoing divorce rumors. A photograph capturing the couple exchanging air kisses on the cheeks instead of their usual affectionate lip kisses has stirred speculation among fans and media alike. The image, particularly striking as they arrived in separate vehicles, suggests a notable shift in their typically warm public displays.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb weighed in on the photograph, describing the couple’s vibe as “cordial” but indicating that their interaction might signal underlying issues. “The vibe between Ben and Jen is cordial,” Cobb observed, suggesting that the nature of their greeting might reflect deeper problems within their relationship.

“It’s a kiss on the cheek, like when you see a friend. Even his stance, the way his body is angled, is more platonic than romantic,” the expert noted. “And his feet are in a runner’s pose as if he’s there for a few seconds before he moves on.” He further told Fox News Digital, “If the couple is having relationship difficulties, then it makes sense. When you love someone, and you’re going through a hard time, you might show reserved affection.”

The timing of these rumors coincides with a significant announcement from Lopez, who recently canceled her much-anticipated tour, “This is Me…Live,” citing personal issues. This decision has led to further speculation about the personal dynamics between the couple, considering the stress that might arise from such public and professional pressures.

The combination of the canceled tour and the couple’s latest public appearance paints a picture of a relationship currently under strain. As Lopez and Affleck navigate these challenges, the public and media scrutiny only intensifies, highlighting the difficulties of maintaining a relationship in the public eye.

Fans and observers are left wondering about the future of “Bennifer,” a couple that has captivated public fascination since rekindling their romance in 2021 after almost two decades apart. Their marriage, which has been closely followed by both their supporters and the press, now faces rumors of discord at a time when both are dealing with demanding careers and personal commitments.

As they continue to navigate their marriage amidst these rumors, the true state of Lopez and Affleck’s relationship remains under scrutiny, with their every move being closely analyzed for signs of harmony or discord. The coming months will likely be telling, as the couple either addresses these rumors directly or continues to face speculation about the stability of their union.

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