Jenna Dewan gushes over ‘amazing’ fiancé Steve Kazee amid third pregnancy

 Jenna Dewan gushes over ‘amazing’ fiancé Steve Kazee amid third pregnancy

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Jenna Dewan was effusive with compliments for her fiancé Steve Kazee as she made an appearance at a promotional event this Tuesday. Currently expecting her third child, Dewan took the opportunity to share how Kazee has been an exceptional partner during this special time.

At the age of 43, the ‘Witches of East End’ alum spoke to People Magazine about her 48-year-old fiancé’s remarkable support and care. She emphasized how Kazee’s involvement and enthusiasm about the upcoming birth of their new child have been incredibly uplifting for her. Kazee, already a loving father to their four-year-old son Callum, shares a deep bond with Dewan as they both navigate the joys and challenges of expanding their family.

“He is really good with cravings and also amazing with helping out with Eve and Callum with their schedules,” she said of Kazee. “And he’s constantly reminding me to rest, which is really nice. He’s amazing in that way.” “When I was a kid, I always had this vision — it was so specific. It was the Christmas tree around Christmas, and just kids and family and just chaos. Happy chaos all around,” she shared. “And I realized the other day, I was like, oh, in my own way, I am creating [that]. So, that’s exciting for me.”

Dewan, who also has a 10-year-old daughter named Everly with her former husband Channing Tatum, expressed her excitement about growing her family. Having been an only child, Dewan finds the experience of having a larger family thrilling and fulfilling. She noted that this new chapter in her life brought a significant change from her childhood, providing her children with sibling relationships she never had.

The actress also highlighted the positive dynamics of blending families, and how each member of the family, from Kazee to her children, brings joy and enrichment to her life. The anticipation of welcoming a new member has brought the family closer, and Dewan is deeply appreciative of Kazee’s role in making the transition smooth and joyful.

As Dewan continues her journey through pregnancy, her reflections on family, support, and relationships resonate with many who find themselves in similar life stages. Her candid discussion points to a deeper understanding of what it means to build a supportive family environment amidst the complexities of modern life.

This promotional event not only served as a platform for Dewan to discuss her upcoming projects but also as a moment to reflect on personal growth and the beauty of familial bonds. As she prepares to welcome her third child, Jenna Dewan remains focused on nurturing her expanding family and cherishing the support from her devoted fiancé, Steve Kazee.

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