Caitlyn Jenner Reveals Unknown Details About Kim Kardashian’s S*x Tape, Says “To Be Honest With You…”

Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian
(Sky TV)

Caitlyn Jenner recently divulged in Sky’s “House of Kardashian” docuseries that she consciously chose to distance herself from the upheaval surrounding daughter Kim Kardashian’s 2007 video leak with Ray J.

In her words, “I didn’t quite grasp the situation, so I just thought I’d hit the golf course.” The 73-year-old Olympic champion further remarked, “Honestly, I kept my distance.” She affirmed that neither Kris Jenner, her former spouse, nor Kim ever discussed the incident with her, leaving her in the dark about the details or reasons behind it.

There have been longstanding rumors suggesting the tape was a publicity move, orchestrated by Kris and Kim. When questioned about this, Caitlyn candidly responded, “I truly don’t know.” She emphasized never having approached that topic, nor wanting to, per E! News.

It’s noteworthy that this controversial tape surfaced just months ahead of the debut of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, where Caitlyn was a prominent figure. The scandal was highlighted in its inaugural episode in October 2007 and was revisited multiple times during the show’s iconic 20-season run.

During the series’ 2021 wrap-up, Kim expressed lingering anguish over the tape, lamenting it as a life-long regret she wishes could be undone, per Vogue.

Recent teasers from “House of Kardashian” showcased Caitlyn hinting at Kim’s strategic climb to stardom. However, following a backlash, Caitlyn expressed regret for her choice of words, emphasizing no intent to slight Kim. An insider confided to Page Six that Caitlyn communicated her apologies to Kim, reiterating their close bond and mutual understanding.

The series, shining a spotlight on the Kardashian family’s highs, lows, and headline-grabbing moments, is currently streaming on Sky Documentaries and Now in the UK.

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