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Bill Nighy Talks About Working on Harry Potter


bill-nighy-talks-about-working-on-harry-potterFor the past few years, actor Bill Nighy (Underworld, Pirates of the Caribbean) would jokingly tell anyone who would listen how he was probably the only British actor on earth who hadn’t been called to appear in the Harry Potter films. Back in May 2007, he told the Washington Post that after hearing his old friend director David Yates (who he had worked with before) had been selected to helm Order of the Phoenix:

Fast forward three years, and Nighy has just completed filming his role as Rufus Scrimgeour – the Minister of Magic with possible ulterior motives – in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Here, he speaks with the French site while promoting his new film, Wild Target (which also stars Potter’s Rupert Grint), and he talks about his experience working on the Potter set, the bond between the cast and crew, and his thoughts on the popular trio.






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